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International Tech Festival Amsterdam eWeek NextGen, The Netherlands

Are you a student in a tech-related field (computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics, etc), design, sociology, psychology or other studies, with a passion for statistics or data analytics?

Are you in your final year or graduated in the past year?

When: 4-6 October 2017

Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For whom: 200 local and international students in tech-related studies, in their final years or one year after graduation.

Join 200 tech students from around Europe, and visit Amsterdam finest Tech teams, startups and technology Labs!

eWeek is one of the greatest international tech festivals and NextGen is a tailormade program within eWeek for 200 ambitious international tech students. Tech events are usually for established companies and the «tech elite». NextGen and the city of Amsterdam make it possible for students and talent around Europe to join this opportunity as well. During NextGen, software engineering talent from abroad has the unique opportunity to visit Tech companies that are based (with their EHQ) in Amsterdam — Booking.com, TomTom, Catawiki, Optimizely, Atlassian, and others. Their CTO's and lead engineers are sharing insights and opening up about the newest and most challenging projects. Meet student-peers from around Europe and visit Amsterdam during eWeek, Possible speakers for Next Gen include Galit Ariel (creative and strategic thinker), Steve Gooder (Head of Digital Technology Virgin Trains) and Nils Wollny (Head of Digital Business Strategy & Customer Experience at Audi).

Last year eWeek had 25.000 visitors, 45+ events, 80 involved companies and 480 well-known speakers. For only €35, you get access to eWeek and NextGen. In comparison, a regular eWeek ticket costs €900.

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 Email: NextGenEweek@amail.com

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