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Pre-University Semester, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal

The NOVA's Pre-University Semester is a multidisciplinary project created for international students who finished secondary school and are looking for an international university program. The project enables the most successful students to easily enroll to some of NOVA's university courses. 

The academic semester begins in February 2018 and enables the student to choose four different elective courses and attend classes both in English or Portuguese.

The student will live and study in Lisbon, a safe and cosmopolitan city, and at the same time improve his/her English skills. Living within the university context, the student will more easily make the right choice regarding his/her academic future (undergraduate or integrated master) at NOVA.

The costs – tuition fees and cost of living - are affordable when compared to other International institutions (European or non-European).

The program, that enables students to get ready for their university experience, is ideal for non-European students, since they can easily apply thanks to the special conditions ruled by the International Student Statute.

Applications for the next semester are open online until 20 January, 2018.

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