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«SUCCESS» Summer School Program, Budapest Business School

Budapest Business School (BBS) C University of Applied Sciences is the second oldest public business schools in the World; established in 1857 and has approximately 160 years of history. Today it uses up to date educational methodology and techniques in the centre of Europe; attracts almost 15,000 students from more than 40 countries.

BBS has active connections with more than 200 higher education institutions in nearly 50 countries across five continents. As a part of these relationships; connections are developed on East Asian region receantly; supported by the Hungarian Government and the Hungarian Central Bank.

«SUCCESS» Summer School Program is focusing on two specialities:

  •  Central Europe as an individual entity;
  •  East Asia as the fastest developed region in the World

Budapest Business School is one of the most prominent universities in Hungary, which is

- integrating three faculties, i.e. Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism; International Management and Business; and Finance and Accountancy,

- highly ranked among economic and business universities in accordance with  students’ employment and carrier opportunities,

- a leader and participant in several international strategic partnership projects,

 - a key partner for Erasmus and other mobility.

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