Academic Offer

The list of subjects available for the exchange students coming to SPbU is available below. To open a list of available courses please click on the language of instruction of the faculty that interests you. Please, take into account that the list of courses us subject to change, the availability of your chosen courses can be checked with your departmental coordinator.

Applied Mathematics, Mathematics and Mechanics. Language of instruction – Russian \ English

Arts. Language of Instruction - Russian \ English

Biology. Language of Instruction – Russian \ English

Chemistry. Language of instruction - Russian \ English

Economics. Language of instruction – Russian \ English 

Earth Sciences. Language of instruction – Russian \ English

History. Language of instruction – Russian \ English 

Humanities and Arts. Language of instruction -Russian \ English

International Relations. Language of instruction – Russian \ English

Journalism. Language of instruction – Russian \ English \ Chinese

Law. Language of instruction – Russian BachelorMaster (Programmes and course descriptions here) \ English \ Chinese

Medicine. Language of Instruction – Russian

Management. Language of instruction - Russian \ English, infosheets and guides for GSOM exchange students

Philology, Asian and African Studies. Language of Instruction – Russian (Bachelor Master ) \ English \ German \ French \ Italian \ Spanish
* For full-time practical Russian language course for foreigners of any initial level of Russian please choose Philology in your application form.

Philosophy. Language of Instruction – Russian \ English

Political Science. Language of Instruction – Russian Bachelor \ Master  \\  English

Psychology. Language of instruction – Russian Autumn \ Spring \\ English

Physics. Language of instruction – Russian English

Sociology. Language of instruction – Russian \ English \ German

Please note that the list of courses can be changed thus before coming to SPbU you are advised to ask the coordinator of the host faculty about the particular courses availability!

IMPORTANT: Students coming to SPbU may choose courses FROM ONE HOST FACULTY ONLY. The only exception to this is practical Russian course (8 academic hours per week) available to exchange students regardless of the host faculty.

For information about courses at the faculties not listed above contact the faculty coordinators or university coordinator

To apply for the courses taught in Russian students need to provide a certificate proving their level of the Russian language – B2 minimum. To apply for the courses taught in English students should provide a certificate of English language proficiency – B2 minimum. Students applying for full-time Russian language course don't have to provide a language certificate.


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