Rome Model United Nations 2016

The Rome Model United Nations, a simulation of the inner workings of the United Nations dedicated to those interested in the world of international relations and diplomacy (www.romemun.org); the RomeMUN is the biggest UN Diplomatic Simulation in Italy and Europe for college level students and will gather this year thousands of delegates from around the world. 100 SCHOLARSHIPS will be available this year for the best deserving applicants and the applications will be valid until 12th December 2015.

This year the RomeMUN will be an innovative and amazing conference, in fact the event will be part of the Rome International Careers Festival and participants will have the opportunity not only to simulate the inner workings of the UN but also to join practical workshops and roundtables on soft skills and to understand how to start their careers in the United Nations system thanksbto special meetings with UN officials.

The Rome International Careers Festival is the first event entirely dedicated to young people looking for job and study opportunities, in Italy and abroad, will take place. The Eternal City will be host to 30.000 participants coming from 100 countries around the world with 650 scholarships available for the most deserving candidates. Multiculturalism, employment, internationalization and study are the keywords which will make the Rome International Careers Festival a precious opportunity for meeting people and exchanging experiences, dreams and knowledge. The applications are now open on the website www.internationalcareersfestival.org

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