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NTU pleased to announce the new2017 NTU Spring+ Programseries. There arefiveprograms available. Among them,+4 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Program and +5 Appropriate Technology (Biotechnology) are newly designed programs by College of Managementand Center for Biotechnology respectively. 

1. Chinese Language & Culture Program

Feb.27 – Mar.20, 2017 (3 weeks). NTU's Spring+ 1 allows you to experience an East Asian culture and gain Mandarin Chinese competence during the 3-week program. 

2. English Language & Culture Program

Mar.05 – 19, 2017 (2 weeks). This program is a 2-week tailor-made spring program for Chiba University. Students will take both English language courses and English cultural courses taught by the best faculty members at NTU. 

3. Science & Taiwanese Culture Program

Apr.29 – May 5, 2017 (1 week).This 7-day intensive program explores the world of science and Taiwanese biodiversity, while taking a closer look into the island’s East Asian culture.

4. Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Program

 Mar.7 –  24, 2017 ( 3 weeks).This is a two-week program wherestudents will obtain most recent business trend and explore innovation and entrepreneurship practices.

 5. Appropriate Technology (Biotechnology)

 Mar.9  –  18, 2017 ( 1 weeks).This program aims to enable students in learning the biodiversity and in translational merit of the bio-resources in Taiwan.

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More details on the program can also be found on the website:


If you have any questions about the Spring+Program, please feel free to contact Mr. Henry Linatntucie@ntu.edu.tw.

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