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30 July-11 August 2017,Hungary, Budapest Business School- SUCCESS- Summer University

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Budapest Business School has an irresistible offer for you!

Summer School takes place in 30 July.-11 August 2017 and it’s a great opportunity to spend an additional week at Sziget Fesztivál. For more information about the festival, please visit website

The application form is available here

The SUCCESS program mentions the fulfillment of 5 subjects, where participants can earn 0-6 ECTS per subject, and their performances are evaluated by the following: 1.) Contact Period: Fulfillment of the specified contact hours according to the Syllabus, which will be based on the lecturer evaluation. 0 - 2 ECTS ~ depends of the particular subject. Accomplishment: by personal participation between 30.07.2017-11.08.2017. The program includes 2x40 obligatory participation hours (whereof 30 hours are in class studies).

Accomplishment: Partly during the 30.07.2017 - 11.08.2017 period (Business Simulation and the Elective subjects), partly via online communication with group members: Evaluation of Case Studies, the preparation of business calculations, the planning of new market entry strategies, the interpretation of economic policy’s issues, last but not least, the elaboration of the commodity and exchange market’ programs, trends, risk management; until 31.10.2017

Individual Work Period: An individually written Assignment should be held, which will be a suggested topic by the subject leader. Participants have to work out their theme according to the successfully learned materials and the group works during the program. 2-4 ECTS ~ depends of the particular subject.   Accomplishment: individually, in written form until 30.11.2017

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