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Приглашение к участию в конференции, 16-19 мая 2013 г.

Russian Institute of Arts History

 History of Russian Philosophy Department, Saint-Petersburg State University


organize and invite to take part in

The 2nd International Gelological Conference

«History of studying laughter in Russia»

(May 16-19, 2013)


The aim of the conference is to examine basic scientific, philosophical and historiographical works on laughter. It is expected to analyze what Russian thinkers (or scientific schools) have contributed to studying laughter.


The main attention will be paid to discussing works of such personalities as

-          Vladimir Propp

-          Olga Freidenberg

-          Mikhail Bakhtin

-          Yuri Tynyanov

-          Nikolai Evreinov

-          Dmitriy Likhachev

-          Аleksandr Panchenko

-          Sergey Eizenshtein

-          Yuri Borev


It is also planned to discuss the questions of

-        what Russian scientific schools examined laughter if there were any,

-        what were the peculiarities of the Soviet school of studying laughter,

-        what should be called Mikhail Bakhtin’s school etc.


To participate, please send the Application form including the subject of your report, your full name (completely), job/study place, contact information (e-mail), and also information on the internal or correspondence participation till March 15, 2013 to the Organizing Committee email address 3015958@gmail.com.

In case your participation is approved, you will be sent a letter of invitation. After obtaining this letter, please send the summary of your report till March 30, 2013, and send the text of your report till March 30, 2013, so that we could publish it in the collection of the works of the conference. The organizing committee reserves the right of preliminary editing the sent materials. Materials aren’t reviewed and don’t come back.

Requirements to text materials:

1. The sent text should have the complete substantial character reflecting results of independent original researches of the author. The conference is open to all interested persons. The text can be published in Russian or English.

2. The recommended volume of the text is up to 40000 signs.

3. The text should begin with the initials and surname of the author (authors), and the summary of the article (in Russian).

With best regards,

Sergei Troitskiy,

Chairman of the Organizing Committee

2013-01-10 13:19:38
2017-05-30 18:54:21
2013-01-10 17:15:05
2013-03-30 17:15:50

Ответственный за содержание: Начальник Учебного управления Н. Г. Бойко. Предложения по внесению изменений можно направлять на адрес: n.boiko@spbu.ru.