Call for Proposals 2021 Saint-Petersburg University – Sharif University of Technology Joint Funding Scheme

The joint funding scheme with an annual budget of € 30.000 (equivalent in Russian Roubles and Iranian Rials, respectively) aims at supporting the first steps of research collaboration. The following formats are possible:

  • Intensive research workshops
  • Short term research stays (for young as well as established researchers)
  • Research-oriented workshops and seminars
  • Conducting a joint research project

The supported activities should have a clearly defined focus and serve as a catalyst for the development of new joint projects. The activities can take place in Tehran or in Saint-Petersburg; participants should include both senior and junior faculty/researchers of SUT and SPbU. Maximum joint funding per proposal is € 10.000 (equivalent in Russian Roubles and Iranian Rials, respectively). Duration of activity shall be preferably until the end of 2021 but it can be at most until the end of 2022.

The motivation for holding the activity should be clearly explained, including how the involved SUT and SPbU institutes or departments can profit long term from this cooperation and what synergies can arise. Participants of third parties may be involved in the project, if needed for scientific reasons; however, the additional costs must be covered by these partners themselves. The funding scheme is not limited to a specific academic field, the activities can be either focused on one discipline or be of interdisciplinary character taking into account the competence and scientific interests of both partner universities.

Proposals must be jointly submitted by faculty of Sharif University of Technology and Saint-Petersburg University, indicating a project leader each of SUT and of SPbU.

Selection Criteria

Funding for joint activities will be provided on a competitive basis. Projects will be selected by committees at SUT and SPbU, who will rate and combine ratings to a joint decision, giving particular attention to the following criteria:

  • Clearly formulated plan and goals of the Project,
  • Information on envisaged synergies between SPbU and SUT,
  • Level of concreteness of proposed joint research project, incl. timeframe and information on funding programs and steps for developing a joint proposal,
  • Compatibility with the SUT/SPbU research profiles, such as interdisciplinary nature, excellence of project leaders, wide scope of different fields/labs represented in the proposed Project.

Submission and Deadlines

Proposals for the joint funding scheme should be submitted by the project leaders of SUT and SPbU in English. They should not exceed 4 pages and have the following information attached:

  • Timeframe/Date for the proposed activity;
  • Detailed budget calculation;
  • Information on project leaders on both sides and list of other SPbU and SUT participants;
  • Number of planned joint publications with scientists from Partner University;
  • Information on future funding sources for the projects (grants from scientific foundations, participation in international competitions, etc.);
  • Please note: project leaders from SPbU should also submit the proposals though the SPbU PURE system.


Joint proposals can be submitted from July 01st 2021 till July30th 2021.

The selected proposals for funding will be announced by August 31st 2021.

Researchers submit their joint proposal simultaneously in Tehran and in Saint-Petersburg. Proposals should be sent electronically to the following addresses:

At Sharif University of Technology:

Prof. Mohammad Madhi Nayebi
Phone: +98 (21) 66164780

At Saint-Petersburg University:

International Research & Technology Department
Tatiana Ryazantseva
Phone: +7 (812) 324-0888

For further information, please contact the above listed administrative coordinators.