Academic Offer

Saint Petersburg University offers courses in Russian, English, German and Chinese.

If you're planning to study courses in Russian, you can check the information about available educational programmes here for bachelor programmes and here for Master programmes. To take courses in Russian you need to submit a certificate confirming your Russian language proficiency level not lower than B2.

You can find the lists of available courses in other languages here or in more detail by clicking on the field of studies that interests you below. We kindly ask you to select courses from one faculty or from a set of faculties represented in one file below. Please, take into account that the list of courses is subject to change, the availability of your chosen courses can be checked with your departmental coordinator.

For exchange and freemover programme you can choose one of the following options:
1. Full-time studies at your chosen faculty (workload up to 30 ECTS credits per semester);
2. Studies at your chosen faculty (workload up to 22 ECTS credits) + part-time Russian language course (8 academic hours per week, 8 ECTS credits per semester);
3. Full-time Russian language course (20 academic hours per week, 30 ECTS per semester).

Applied Mathematics and Control Processes, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry - English
The faculties are situated in Peterhof

Earth Sciences - English

Economics, International Relations, Political Sciences, Social Sciences - English

History, Philosophy, Psychology - English

Journalism - English

Law - English

Liberal Arts and Sciences - English

Mathematics and Computer Science - English 
Please, note that in order to attend courses in Mathematics and Computer Science you will be required to take an additional
interview with a professor from the field.

Management English

Philology, Asian and African Studies, Arts – English, German, French, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish
* For full-time practical Russian language course for foreigners of any initial level of Russian please choose Philology in your application form.

Exchange students can also take Full-time Russian Language Course (30 ECTS, 20 academic hours per week). In this case host faculty will be Philology and in the Study Plan "Full-time Russian language course" should be written.

You can also check the information about educational programmes in other languages here.

To take courses in English you need to submit a certificate confirming your English language proficiency level not lower than B2.
To take a full-time Practical Russian Language course certificate of at least B1 in English or Russian is required.

Please note that the list of courses can be changed thus before coming to SPbU you are advised to ask the coordinator of the host faculty about the particular courses availability!

We kindly ask you to select courses from one faculty (or one set of faculties represented by one file above) only. The only exception to this is practical Russian course (8 academic hours per week) available to exchange students regardless of the host faculty.

For information about courses at the faculties not listed above contact the faculty coordinators or university coordinator


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