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Student Union

Student Union is the student organisation of Saint Petersburg University created to help foreign (exchange) students to feel welcome at SPbU.
The programs that Student Union works with are:

  • buddy program, where Russian students help exchange students during their first days at SPbU;
  • Welcome Week – orientation, cultural and social activities for exchange students;
  • Language programs – speaking clubs of different languages and tandem program;
  • Social program – charity and social projects with the help of foreign students;
  • Ambassador program – the platform where foreign applicants can get more information about life in SPbU and SPbU students can get information about partner universities.

If you are a foreign student, you can join Student Union and help organise and create activities for foreign students, coordinate a speaking club in your native language or Russian language, become a student Ambassador.

Information about Student Union activities is published on the Facebook page 
Contact: Studentunion.spbsu@gmail.com 

Join SPbU creative teams

Starting from the 15th of September you can apply for joining one of SPbU creative teams:
- academic choir;
- theatre studio;
- vocal studio;
- orchestra of Russian folk instruments;
- chamber orchestra;
and others. 

More information about the teams can be found here. Most of the groups work in Russian.

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