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Erasmus School of Law (ESL), Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Erasmus School of Law (ESL) attracts ambitious students and staff from all over the world. Home to innovative research and first-rate legal education, ESL apply an interdisciplinary approach that combines legal, economic, social and political thinking.

LL.M. programmes provide you with theoretical as well as practical knowledge necessary to operate in the global environment in which law is functioning today. In addition to the regular courses, various field trips are organised. As a student, you will have the opportunity to visit (international) courts, law firms and international companies to experience the legal practice. Excellent skills training such as contract drafting is also included in LL.M. programmes. Excellent teaching staff have a solid (international) academic background and a wealth of experience from legal practice as well.  A LL.M. degree from Erasmus School of Law provides you with excellent career opportunities. ErasmusSchool graduates hold positions in international law firms, European institutions, national ministries and in the banking, maritime and insurance sector.


  1. LL.M. International and European Union Law.
  2. LL.M. Maritime and Transport Law.
  3. LL.M. Commercial and Company Law.
  4. LL.M. European Master in Law and Economics.
  5. Postgraduate LL.M. Arbitration and Business Law.

To learn more about the LL.M. programmes and Admission criteria  here.


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