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2017 - International Summer School Program (Chinese culture) of Renmin University, China

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The International Summer School (ISS) Program of Renmin University of China will continue to open from 3 to 28 this July following past eight years’ successful experience since the summer of 2009. This one-month program serves as a platform for students from home and abroad for a better understanding of China and Chinese culture.

Please visit ISS website for more information.

Saint Petersburg State University is partner of Renmin University of China.

The past exchange and cooperation have proven to be remarkable and fruitful. Taking this opportunity, ISS would like to provide you with the 2017 International Summer School Special Offer as follows: The registration fee is 800 RMB. For university-level partner universities, Renmin will waive tuition for 2 students and whether the other students will enjoy a discounted tuition fee depends on their online application time and the student number SPbSU recommends, the tuition is 10000 RMB in March, 11000 RMB in April and 12000 RMB in May. If there are no less than 10 students ( the two students waived tuituions are not included), the tuition is 9000 RMB in March, 10000 RMB in April and 11000 RMB in May based on students’ online application time.

 If the number of students drops to less than 8 , then there is no preferential tuition for those recommended students and the tuition is 10000 RMB in March, 11000 RMB in April and 12000 RMB in May.

Paper documents are not needed any more.

Please, finish application via the link

Application time: March 1-May 10. Nomination deadline: April 10.

Further questions and other enquiries

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