New master program (Master of Science in Chemistry and Physics of Soft Materials) at the Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

New master program (University of Fribourg ) at the Adolphe Merkle Institute is the interface between physics, chemistry, biology and materials science: Master of Science in Chemistry and Physics of Soft Materials.


The concept of “soft materials” includes a broad class of materials as polymers, colloids, foams, gels, biological tissue along with others that are part solid and part liquid and are often easily deformable. Soft Matter science is interdisciplinary, bridging not only chemistry, physics and biology, but also materials science and engineering. The Master itself consists of compulsory and elective courses along with small lab projects and the thesis research projects. These courses include varied topics such as nanomaterials, microscopy and scattering techniques, soft matter and biophysics, polymer chemistry, fundamental cell biology but also science writing and ethics as well as innovation. The students will be trained to conduct research in contemporary fields of materials chemistry and physics. The Master program aims to provide students with an excellent basis for employment in industry or to launch an academic career, since many industries, including the traditional materials sector as well as the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, depend increasingly on professionals with specific training in this domain.


Several Scholarships (CHF 20’000 each) are available, awarded on merit.


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