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Information for our partner universities

In this section we will accumulate and publish significant information related to all aspects of bilateral cooperation with our respective Partners at the "University-University" level.

We are looking forward to the realization of various forms of joint activities and to the further deepening of bilateral cooperation with our worldwide Partners!

Please submit respective proposals to the International Research & Technology Department of SPbSU Research Office in case you are interested in staff exchange and to Academic Mobility Department of SPbSU Academic Office in case you are interested in student exchange.

Since staff exchange and students exchange are at the present time most common and most significant forms of bilateral cooperation, for their realization in SPbSU we have created the following programmes:


At the present time there are 6 main guidelines of bilateral cooperation management:

  1. International cooperation Top Management

is performed by Vice-Rector for International Affairs

Sergey Vladimirovich ANDRYUSHIN

Tel.: +7 (812) 326-49-43

  1. General management of international cooperation in the framework of bilateral agreements at the "University-University" level

is performed by the International Research and Technology Department (for staff exchange and research) of the Research Office of SPbSU

and Academic Mobility Department (for student exchange and study) of the Academic Office of SPbSU.

  1. Incoming mobility management
  2. Outgoing mobility management
  3. Joint participation in international projects and programmes & fundraising
  4. Informational support & advertising