Elective Courses of International Summer Program, Chung-Ang University (CAU), Korea

CAU's International Summer Program (ISP) is a hybrid program providing students with a window into Korea, where courses are coupled with cultural experiences that foster an understanding of Korea’s Culture and Society. The program is broken into two sessions, Session 1 and Session 2. Session 1 will provide students with 6 transferable credits while Session 2 will provide students with 5 transferable credits.

Session 1 allows students to take elective courses (3 credits) that are related to certain majors while Session 2 offers a Korean Language course (3 credits).

Elective Courses for Session 1:  Social Science (Korean Culture and Society + Advanced Korean), Nanotechnology (Big Things from a tiny world), International Logistics ( Logistics & Economic Development)

Elective Courses for Session 2: Basic / Intermediate / Advanced Korean

Below are important dates and reminders for this program. Chung-Ang University's International Summer Program Important Date:

 Program Period



Program Schedule

Session 1

2017 February 13th ~ May 21st

2017 June 25th ~ July 22nd (4 weeks)

Session 2

2017 February 13h ~ June 11th

  2017 July 30th ~ August 19th (3 weeks)


The online application can be found here

Further questions and other enquiries  causummer@cau.ac.kr


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+82 820 6574/6742

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