зарубеж - Международная деятельность СПбГУ

"International Cooperation Against Transnational Financial Organised Crime" Postgraduate International Master, University of Teramo, Italy


The University of Teramo is about to activate the II Level and Postgraduate International Master of"International cooperation against transnational financial organized crime"

for the Postgraduate 2016/2017 AY.

It concerns with transnational organized financial criminality as you can learn from the title itself and the aim of this high educational program is to create a new generation of experts and law practitioners to reinforce the cooperation among states in order to better tackle the trans-national organized crime.

The closing date for applications is February 28, 2017.

More detailed information about courses the Unite website.


The Master's website link



Baden-Württemberg SCHOLARSHIP 2017/18

The objective of the Baden-Württemberg SCHOLARSHIP for Students is to promote the international exchange of highly qualified German and international students. Moreover, the program aims to encourage links between the universities in Baden-Württemberg and their international partners and to develop and strengthen these bonds on a reciprocal basis. Applications are possible for students at partner universities who wish to attend the University of Hohenheim for one or two semesters in the Academic Year 2017/18 within the framework of an exchange agreement

Scholarships for Exchange Studies in Hohenheim  duration: 3 - 10 months (the scholarship can be awarded for an additional month for the participation in the German intensive language course in September or March, respectively)  Allowance: 500 Euro/month minimum

Applicants’ course of studies: Agricultural Sciences, Biology, NutritionScience, Business and Economics, Communication Science

Application documents to be uploaded at the internet portal:

  • - Letter of application with information on studies and career to date   certification of matriculation, transcript of records
  • - Transcript of grades or certificate   foreign language knowledge necessary for the study period
  • - Letter of recommendation by a professor

Deadline for applications and nominations:   All nominations for summer semester 2018 should be submitted by April 30, 2017.  Application deadline for the winter semester (starting in September/October) 2017/18 is April 30, 2017, Applications for the summer semester 2018 (starting in March/April) must be submitted no later than November 30, 2017.  A list of nominated applicants should be reported to the Office of International Affairs (e-mail: aaa@uni-hohenheim.de) by the international officer.

All applications will be processed and reviewed by the University of Hohenheim. The final approval and announcements by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation are expected by July 2017. You will subsequently be informed of the outcome of your applications.

Please note: The application for the Baden-Württemberg SCHOLARSHIP does not substitute the application for admission to the University of Hohenheim in the frame of the exchange program and the application for housing. All relevant information can be found at web pages.

Cтажировки в штаб-квартире Организации Объединенных Наций по промышленному развитию (ЮНИДО) в Вене

Открыт приём заявок на прохождение стажировки в штаб-квартире Организации Объединенных Наций по промышленному развитию (ЮНИДО) в Вене для обучающихся магистратуры (возраст от 21 до 35 лет)


Требования к кандидатам:

  • Наличие диплома бакалавра;
  • Статус обучающегося по программе магистратуры на момент подачи заявки;
  • Высокий уровень владения английским языком;
  • Навыки работы на компьютере;

Направления стажировки:

  • Администрирование (в т.ч. в сфере финансов, информационных технологий, логистики);
  • Международные связи ЮНИДО;
  • Сельское хозяйство;
  • Бизнес, инвестиции и технологии;
  • Энергетика, окружающая среда и изменение климата;
  • Обеспечение гендерного равенства в рамках ЮНИДО;
  • Внутренний контроль (аудит, борьба с финансовыми нарушениями);
  • Правовые аспекты деятельности ЮНИДО;
  • Управление и оценка программ и проектов;
  • Исследовательская деятельность ЮНИДО, в частности в области статистики;
  • Укрепление торгового потенциала.

Подробная информация о программе стажировки и правила подачи заявок размещены на сайте ЮНИДО.

Финансирование стажировок осуществляется за счет обучающихся.

Erasmus School of Law (ESL), Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Erasmus School of Law (ESL)attracts ambitious students and staff from all over the world. Home to innovative research and first-rate legal education, ESL apply an interdisciplinary approach that combines legal, economic, social and political thinking.

LL.M. programmes provide you with theoretical as well as practical knowledge necessary to operate in the global environment in which law is functioning today. In addition to the regular courses, various field trips are organised. As a student, you will have the opportunity to visit (international) courts, law firms and international companies to experience the legal practice. Excellent skills training such as contract drafting is also included in LL.M. programmes. Excellent teaching staff have a solid (international) academic background and a wealth of experience from legal practice as well.  A LL.M. degree from Erasmus School of Law provides you with excellent career opportunities. ErasmusSchool graduates hold positions in international law firms, European institutions, national ministries and in the banking, maritime and insurance sector.


  1. LL.M. International and European Union Law.
  2. LL.M. Maritime and Transport Law.
  3. LL.M. Commercial and Company Law.
  4. LL.M. European Master in Law and Economics.
  5. Postgraduate LL.M. Arbitration and Business Law.

To learn more about theLL.M. programmes and Admission criteria  here.


For any questions vandenheuvel@law.eur.nl

Freie Universitat Berlin PhD Scholarships

Scholarships for International PhD Students at the Graduate School of East Asian Studies


Deadline: November 30, 2015, Berlin

The Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS) is calling for applications for up to 2 full scholarships for PhD students, granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP). GEAS is looking for highly motivated and excellent international applicants of the social sciences with a strong interest in institutional theory in East Asia.

Successful applicants will have an excellent Masters or equivalent degree (M.A. or German Magister with a grade of “very good” (A-) or better) in an East Asian Studies field or in a social science or humanities discipline with a focus on East Asia. For exceptionally talented B.A. students, Freie Universität Berlin offers the possibility of a “fast track” admission to Ph.D. programs. To qualify for this program, B.A. students need to provide evidence of an exceptional academic record during the B.A. program with an A grade point average, two letters of recommendation from well-known scholars, and successful completion of an entrance exam as required by the statute for Ph.D. programs at Freie Universität Berlin.

International applicants who have not been living in Germany for more than 15 months can apply. Candidates are selected in a multi-step process by GEAS and DAAD. The final decisions are made by the DAAD. Successful candidates will then be integrated into the GEAS PhD training programme beginning October 2016.

For further information please visit the website of the Moscow office.


PhD Scholarships at Berlin Mathematical School (BMS)


Deadline: December 1, 2015, Berlin

The Berlin Mathematical School is a joint endeavor of the mathematics’ departments at the universities in Berlin: Freie Universität, Humboldt-Universität (HU) and Technische Universität (TU). It offers an excellent doctoral program taught in English in a broad and active research environment together with mentoring programs, language courses, soft-skills seminars, funding for summer schools and conferences, a buddy program and funding for students with children.

The seven Research Areas are: Differential geometry, global analysis, and mathematical physics; Algebraic and arithmetic geometry, number theory; Probability, statistics, and financial mathematics; Discrete mathematics and combinatorial optimization; Geometry, topology, and visualization; Numerical mathematics and scientific computing; and Applied analysis and differential equations.

For further information please visit the website of the Moscow office

FUBiS 2016: Term 1 - Курсы немецкого языка в Freie Universität Berlin

Срок: 8-го декабря 2015 г., Берлин

Начата регистрация документов для участия в FUBiS - International Winter and Summer University в Freie Universität Berlin, который пройдет с 5-го по 28-ое января 2016 года.

FUBiS - это интенсивная академическая программа Freie Universität Berlin длительностью от трех до шести недель, которая проводится один раз зимой и дважды летом. FUBiS предлагает курсы по различным предметам и темам, а также интенсивные и полуинтенсивные курсы немецкого языка на пяти уровнях. Большинство предметных курсов предлагаются либо на английском, либо на испанском языках и читаются немецкими и иностранными преподавателями. По окончании программы студенты получают сертификат с указанием зачетных единиц (ECTS), которые могут быть признаны в родном вузе.

Дополнительная информация на сайте представителя в Москве.

International Master´s Degree Programme in Biomedical Imaging, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turku, Finland

Programme is tuition free for European students and the language of instruction is English.

International Master´s programme in Biomedical Imaging is a two year (120 ECTS) programme jointly administrated by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turku and the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland.

Programme is aimed at students with a B.Sc. degree in the Life Sciences or applicable areas of biomedical sciences, physics, chemistry or engineering. The interdisciplinary curriculum provides the graduates with a broad spectrum of the most recent knowledge in biomedical imaging related to many application areas in cell biology, medicine and nanotechnology.

Please, visit web pages for more information:  www.bioimaging.fi/program/

Application period: December 1st 2016 - January 13th , 2017.

Keio Short-Term Japanese Studies Program (KJSP)

Keio University is pleased to announce that the Keio Short-Term Japanese Studies Program

(KJSP) is to be held again from February 5 to February 20, 2016.

The KJSP is a two-week, intensive English-taught program which offers lectures on a variety of topics, off-campus activities, networking opportunities, and more. Around 15 Keio students are expected to participate this year:




Applications open on November 1, 2015:


Master Programme at the University of Tampere

University of Tampere is calling for applicants to  Master's Programme  in Human-Technology Interaction.

University of Tampere offers outstanding studies and career outlooks for graduates with BA or Specialist degree. The range of courses starts from the basics of human information processing in the context of information technology and extends to hands-on courses on how to implement interaction solutions using modalities such as speech, gaze, haptics and gestures. We present up-to-date developments in topics like multimodal interaction, user experience design and evaluation, and ubiquitous and pervasive computing environments. Typical jobs include interaction designer and developer, usability specialist, and user experience architect. Interaction designers a developers study people and their life and create technology designs and concrete interactive software applications; usability specialists make sure that the technology designs are easy to use and fit human purposes; and user experience architects work to enhance the entire experience we have with the technology, its packaging, and related services.

Applicants are expected to have excellent or good academic performance and background on computer science, system studies, psychology, social-psychology, sociology, yet others are also concerned.
More information can be found on the University of Tampere official website.

Mультидисциплинарная магистерская программа в Университете Тарту, Эстония


Master of Arts in Social Sciences




Location:Tartu, Estonia

Duration of the programme:2 years

Language of instruction:English

General admission requirements:Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Tuition fee & scholarships:€3400 per year, scholarships available


This multidisciplinary MA programmewill provide you with the analytical tools and skills to grasp the political, historical, and economic developments in Russia, the European Union, and their shared neighbourhood. EURUS combines a long-standing tradition of assured quality with a vocation to innovation and internationalization. Your learning experience will blend seminars and lectures with group work, field trips, international schools, and student-centred activities, using innovative techniques of active learning. Bridging academia and the “real world”, we emphasize not only acquiring knowledge, but also applying it.

Lean more about the programme.

Programme Coordinator oliivia.vork@ut.ee

New master program (Master of Science in Chemistry and Physics of Soft Materials) at the Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

New master program (University of Fribourg ) at the Adolphe Merkle Institute is the interface between physics, chemistry, biology and materials science: Master of Science in Chemistry and Physics of Soft Materials.


The concept of “soft materials” includes a broad class of materials as polymers, colloids, foams, gels, biological tissue along with others that are part solid and part liquid and are often easily deformable. Soft Matter science is interdisciplinary, bridging not only chemistry, physics and biology, but also materials science and engineering. The Master itself consists of compulsory and elective courses along with small lab projects and the thesis research projects. These courses include varied topics such as nanomaterials, microscopy and scattering techniques, soft matter and biophysics, polymer chemistry, fundamental cell biology but also science writing and ethics as well as innovation. The students will be trained to conduct research in contemporary fields of materials chemistry and physics. The Master program aims to provide students with an excellent basis for employment in industry or to launch an academic career, since many industries, including the traditional materials sector as well as the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, depend increasingly on professionals with specific training in this domain.


Several Scholarships (CHF 20’000 each) are available, awarded on merit.


You can find more of information:

- softmatter

scattering techniques

- studies


Scholarships available at University of Tartu, European Union – Russia Studies MA programme

University of Tartu, Estonia


Master of Arts in Social Sciences – EUROPEAN UNION – RUSSIA STUDIES.

Тhis multidisciplinary MA programme provides students with the analytical tools and skills to grasp the political, historical, and economic developments in Russia, the European Union, and their shared neighbourhood.

EURUS combines a long-standing tradition of assured quality with a vocation to innovation and internationalization. Due to its favourable geo-political location, Estonia has often been regarded as a bridge connecting East and West. The curriculum is designed as a high quality degree programme in the field of EU area studies.

The European Union – Russia Studies (EURUS) programme offers a learning experience which combines seminars and lectures with group work, field trips, international schools, and student-centred activities, using innovative techniques of active learning. The study process encour-ages and actively favours self-initiative and critical thinking. Bridging academia and the “real world”, the programme emphasizes not only acquiring knowledge, but also applying it.

Directing Module:

Policy Transfer in Action: the Case of Public Engagement

Biopolitics, Medicine and Healthcare

Ethics and Justice in a Pluralist World

Energy and Security

Globalisation and Competitiveness

Cultures and Identities

Migration and Challenges of Human Resources

Privacy vs Publicity in Society

Sovereignty and Supranationalism

Origins and Dynamics of Power Relations


Application deadline: March 15, 2017


More information






Spring Programs, National Taiwan University

NTU pleased to announce the new2017 NTU Spring+ Programseries. There arefiveprograms available. Among them,+4 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Program and +5 Appropriate Technology (Biotechnology) are newly designed programs by College of Managementand Center for Biotechnology respectively. 

1. Chinese Language & Culture Program

Feb.27 – Mar.20, 2017 (3 weeks). NTU's Spring+ 1 allows you to experience an East Asian culture and gain Mandarin Chinese competence during the 3-week program. 

2. English Language & Culture Program

Mar.05 – 19, 2017 (2 weeks). This program is a 2-week tailor-made spring program for Chiba University. Students will take both English language courses and English cultural courses taught by the best faculty members at NTU. 

3. Science & Taiwanese Culture Program

Apr.29 – May 5, 2017 (1 week).This 7-day intensive program explores the world of science and Taiwanese biodiversity, while taking a closer look into the island’s East Asian culture.

4. Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Program

 Mar.7 –  24, 2017 ( 3 weeks).This is a two-week program wherestudents will obtain most recent business trend and explore innovation and entrepreneurship practices.

 5. Appropriate Technology (Biotechnology)

 Mar.9  –  18, 2017 ( 1 weeks).This program aims to enable students in learning the biodiversity and in translational merit of the bio-resources in Taiwan.

Watch Video

More details on the program can also be found on the website:


If you have any questions about the Spring+Program, please feel free to contact Mr. Henry Linatntucie@ntu.edu.tw.

Viadrina International Program – for Graduates (VIP), European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

Applications for fellowships in 2017 are still possible within the Viadrina International Program – for Graduates (VIP). The VIP, promoted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, aims to support the international networking of doctoral candidates and their stronger involvement in international research contexts and discourses. The program, which is a cooperation between the Department of International Affairs and the ViadrinaCenter for Graduate Studies (VCGS) of the European University Viadrina, offers doctoral candidates a perspective to create an international research and career profile.

International doctoral candidates may apply for research and acquaintance stays in 2017 at the European University Viadrina to get familiarize with the research environment at the Viadrina. These fellowships allow international doctoral candidates to get in touch with Viadrina professors for research co-operations or potential doctoral opportunities (e.g. joint degrees and cotutelle agreements). International doctoral candidates may apply for the following funding lines: 1 month, 3 months.

Please note that the VIP runs initially till end of October 2017 at the European University Viadrina. Approved fellowships of the VIP can be granted by no earlier than May 2017 and until October 31, 2017 at the latest.

The exact dates of the workshops can be found on the homepage of the VIP.

The application deadline is March 15, 2017 (23:59pm CET). The approval of applications is made by the Commission for the Appropriation of Funds within the Field of Research and Graduate Education of the European University Viadrina.

For detailed information please see on the website of the VIP www.europa-uni.de/VIP.

Грант на обучение в магистратуре Токийского Университета от компании Ajinomoto (Япония)

Открыт прием документов для получения гранта компанииAjinomoto (ведущий мировой производитель аминокислот) на обучение в Токийском университете.

Этот грант предоставляет возможность участникам из разных стран поступить в магистратуру Токийского университета. Обучение проводится на английском языке.

Сроки приема документов: 20 ноября 2016 года – 01 февраля 2017 года.

Более подробная информация об условиях участия и процедуре проведения конкурса размещена на сайте компанииAjinomoto. Информация об условиях проведения конкурса здесь.

По всем вопросам, касающимся данной программы, можно обращаться в НИИ «Аджиномото – Генетика» +7(495)-780-3266


Интенсивный курс изучения французского языка в Университете Лиона, Франция

Университет Лион-3 имени Жана Мулена, Франция (фр.Université Jean Moulin  Lyon3) объявляет набор на интенсивные курсы изучения французского языка.

Курсы, которые проходят в течение приблизительно 5 часов в день, дают участникам возможность заниматься на теоретическом и практическом уровнях, подробности обучения здесь

Вопросы можно задать Chantal.ortillez@univ-lyon3.fr и Arlette.kalimunda@univ-lyon3.Fr

Конкурс СПбГУ на соискание стипендий Министерства образования КНР для прохождения языковой стажировки в ВУЗах КНР


Между СПбГУ и Министерством образования КНР заключен договор об обмене обучающимися. В связи с этим объявляется Конкурс на соискание стипендий Министерства образования КНР для прохождения языковой стажировки в ВУЗах КНР.

Необходимые документы:

1. Мотивационное письмо. Объем  не более 1800 знаков.

2. Анкета (APPLICATION FORM FOR CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP) в трех экземплярах, напечатанную после заполнения в интерактивной системе, заполненную на китайском или английском языке. На каждом экземпляре анкеты должна быть наклеена цветная фотография. Фамилия и имя заявителя должны быть как в загранпаспорте. Обязательно следует указать номер загранпаспорта.



Вопрос: Где взять Анкету?


Ответ: зарегистрироваться и заполнить по ссылке на сайте http://laihua.csc.edu.cn/

При заполнении анкеты необходимо выбрать специальный проект анкеты-по Соглашению с СПбГУ!

Инструкция по заполнению анкеты.

3. Материалы, приложенные к анкете:

1) Заверенная справка об академической успеваемости (выписка из учебной карточки) на китайском или английском языке (оригинал и копия) с указанием среднего балла успеваемости.

2) План на учёбу или исследование на китайском или английском языке (оригинал и копия).

3) Два рекомендательных письма от профессора или доцента на китайском или английском языках (оригинал и копия).

4) Для кандидата, обучающегося по творческим специальностям (музыка, изобразительное искусство) нужно представить свои произведения в электронной версии (на диске 2 экз.).

5) Копия медицинской справки для иностранных граждан - «Foreigner physical examination form» (ее можно скачать на сайте http://www.csc.edu.cn). Заполнение всех граф справки на английском языке и заверение ее подписью главного врача и оттисками печати медицинского заведения являются обязательными. Наклеенная фотография - цветная, фамилия и имя должны быть как в загранпаспорте.

6) Справка, подтверждающая личность кандидата, выданная вузом или учреждением, где он учится или работает на китайском или английском языке (оригинал и копия).

7) Копия первой страницы загранпаспорта, (срок действия загранпаспорта должен быть больше 1 года к моменту оформления въездной визы в Китай) (2 экз.).

8) Предварительное извещение о зачислении на учебу в конкретный вуз.

9) Копия сертификата о сдаче международного экзамена на уровень знания китайского языка (HSK). При наличии.


Последний день подачи документов в Отдел международного образовательного сотрудничества по направлениям по направлениям: 18.03.2016

Курсы немецкого языка в Гейдельберге

The Heidelberger Pädagogium invites students to German courses.

The Heidelberger Pädagogium is a non-profit language institute, which was founded by two high school teachers in 1969. It is located conveniently near the city centre and has evolved as one of the outstanding educational institutions in Heidelberg over the years.

The Heidelberger Pädagogium is a licensed test center, all our exams are recognized worldwide.

Course Structure

Level A1.1 + A1.2

Level A2.1 + A2.2

Level B1.1 + B1.2

Level B2.1 + B2.2 + B2.3

Level C1.1 + C1.2 + C1.3

Level C2.1 + C2.2

DSH (DSH: language certificate as entry requirement for German universities) TestDaF Upper Advanced plus

The courses comprise 80 contact lessons a month (4 lessons a day from 8.50-12.15 o?clock or 13.00 ? 16.15 o?clock). The course fees amount to 285,00 EUR for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced courses; the DSH and Upper Advanced plus courses are 300,00 EUR.

Магистерские программы в Германии,Свободный Университет Берлина

FUBiS - Международный летний  университет Freie Universität Berlin 2016

FUBiS - это интенсивная академическая программа Freie Universität Berlin продолжительностью от трех до шести недель, которая проводится один раз зимой (3 недели) и дважды летом (6 и 4 недели). FUBiS предлагает курсы по различным предметам и темам, а также интенсивные и полуинтенсивные курсы немецкого языка на пяти уровнях. Большинство предметных курсов предлагаются на английском или испанском языках и читаются немецкими и иностранными преподавателями.

Сроки: Term II - 7-го мая 2016 г., Term III - 25-го июня 2016 г., Берлин

Открыт прием документов на участие в программе FUBiS, которая будет проводится в Term II с 4-го июня по 16-ое июля 2016 года и в Term III с 23-го июля по 20-ое августа 2016 года. Срок подачи документов истекает для Term II 7-го мая 2016 и для Term III 25-ое июня 2016 года. При ранней регистрации на курс предоставляется скидка в размере 50 евро.

По окончании программы иностранные студенты получают сертификат с указанием кредитных единиц (ECTS), которые могут быть признаны в родном ВУЗе.

Дополнительная информация на сайте представителя в Москве

Здесь можно ознакомиться с аспирантскимимагистерскими программами, а также с программами Международного летнего и зимнего университета FUBiS - International Winter and Summer University и основными учебными программами